School & Child Care Consultation

The first years of a child’s life are the most critical for laying the foundation for overall, long term development. The quality of children’s early experiences has a significant impact on their ability to learn, to regulate and manage their feelings and impulses, and to develop healthy, positive relationships as they grow—the core skills that lead to overall healthy development.

Needless to say, child care centers and preschools have a significant impact on the developing child, and face the challenge of meeting the needs of a diverse group of children with varying developmental and behavioral profiles.  Further, working with parents around the issues that emerge in the classroom can be challenging from both a time and expertise perspective.

The Approach:

The role of the Child Development Specialist (CDS) is to support preschool staff in understanding and addressing the challenges that arise with children in the classroom, and to work collaboratively with families when issues emerge.  Specifically, the CDS:

  • Provides guidance to teachers around concerns regarding children in their classroom
  • Consults with teachers around communicating effectively with parents about challenging issues.
  • Does observations of children with consent from parents
  • Facilitates meetings with parents and school staff to address identified concerns
  • Refers parents and children to additional resources beyond the school when necessary
  • Coordinates with outside specialists to ensure continuity of care
  • Offers several teacher trainings/workshops throughout the year
  • Available to do parent workshops as needed
  • Can see parents privately to address concerns beyond the classroom